wq robot

Our commitment to clients has been and continued to provide successful trench less crossings at the desired location in a timely manner at the competitive price. We fulfill this commitment  

  by using the best-proven equipment, personnel and drilling techniques available.

As part of its growth and diversification plans, besides the Horizontal Direct Drilling (HDD)/Boring and tank cleaning robot services. WQ Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. is also  exploring into slope

 drilling and air-conditions air duct cleaning services.

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CW10 Hand-Held Concealed Weapons Detector

1. Detect items of all types of metal : ferrous and non ferrous

2.Easy to use, 3 position switch for power, audio and vibrate

3.Choice of audio alarm or silent vibrate alarm

M-66 Valve And Box Locater

1.Output Frequency of Loop - 4.5kHz

2.Output Indication - Speaker 16 ohm impudence, Audio frequency 450Hz


XENO Energy Lithium Battery

  1.High & Steady Operating 


  2.Very Low Self-Discharge  


Walk-Through Metal Detector

1.Truly Portable

2.16 Levels of Adjustable Sensitivity

3.3 Zone Detection

4.Control Panel Programmable Memory